Puerto Rico Food Crisis


Market Supply and Demand

Current Distribution:

  • Over 80% of fresh produce is imported
  • Only 37% of farms in Puerto Rico have been restored since Hurricane Maria as of December 2018
  • Over-inflated prices due to import fees and taxes
  • Food often travels over 1,500 miles
  • Food is depleted of nutrient value and is poor quality, tasteless or rotten.


“The first wealth is health.” ~Emerson


Current Demand:

  • Locally Grown
  • Non-GMO Organic standards
  • Better tasting
  • Farm-to-Table fresh products
  • Consistent quality
  • Stable pricing
  • New varieties
  • More nutritional value
  • Food Sovereignty
  • Easy Local Access
  • Food consumers can trust

Our Commitment

  • To implement a  design in which all elements are preserved, re-used or recycle when possible
  • Use clean waste-to-energy for sustainable primary power/energy requirements creating a low carbon footprint
  • Focus on repeatable, scalable methods to expand commercialization of the model
  • Provide Puerto Rico with all-natural, non-GMO produce
  • Use green/advanced construction materials when available for use in a wide range of regions and environments.
  • Create a resource for community development and learning onsite
  • Follow “best practices” from upper-level management to all employees and staff.
  • Maintain all certification for food handling and food safety
  • Impact the Puerto Rican community by proving out a way to reach food sovereignty


Fusion Farms is dedicated to impacting Puerto Rico in a positive way; we are passionate about our farming solution and that there has been no better time to invest in the future of farming.      


Please consider our offer to be a part of the solution and create food security for Puerto Rico! Thank you for your support.