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The Fusion Farms Story

Abiu Seeds Geminating

From the smallest seed 12 years ago, a vision for aquaponics grew. Intrigued by the quality of produce and fish grown successfully without chemicals in a closed-loop system, Kendell became committed to making the aquaponics dream a reality.

Gozalandia Falls
Gozalandia Falls-San Sebastian (Robles Waterfalls)


After visiting multiple international locations over the last 7 years, including Chile, Italy, and Costa Rica, a trip to the island of Puerto Rico in 2017 solidified the passion to grow healthy food.

On our first month-long visit, pre-Hurricane Maria, Kendell and I were struck by the island’s natural resources and beauty, yet surprised to learn that close to 80% of the produce consumed on the island was imported. The tropical climate is not conducive to growing many of the fruits and vegetables to which we had grown accustomed in southern California and other parts of the US. For Puerto Rico, the strict import regulations mean that the fruits and vegetables are extremely poor quality once they reach the island.

Hurricane Maria
100-year-old trees uprooted and tossed by the wind like toothpicks

Our third trip was only months after Maria. The devastation was shocking; it looked like the entire island had been placed in a cosmic blender – chewed up and spit out. Massive trees stripped bare and snapped like twigs. Power lines and poles down everywhere.


Hurricane Maria
Recovery work March 2018

We met with locals, FEMA workers, and contractors there to help from all over the US to hear their stories. The accounts of those who had experienced the actual hurricane were not what we expected – silver linings where we would think there were none.

Hurricane Maria
A road to someone’s home


We were humbled and blessed by the openness, positive outlook and outpouring of community support the Puerto Ricans displayed. Grateful that their homes made of concrete remained intact despite the missing roofs and personal possessions destroyed or washed away by the flood.

There was just something so different about Puerto Rico.

An example of butter lettuce grown indoors

Simultaneously, Kendell and I were falling in love with the island and the people – the resilience was astounding. Conversations between us shifted to questions about how we could be a part of the long-term recovery and provide our very small contribution to the future of the island. We understood the need for fresh, nutrient-rich food. We recognized the dilapidated condition of the power grid would be an ongoing battle. We knew there would be a language barrier to some degree and our desire was to melt into the wonderful culture – not create our own.

Abiu seedling now taking root

To take this project on, Fusion Farms would have to be hurricane-protected, climate controlled, bio-secure, pesticide-free, fully indoor, off-grid, sustainable and scalable. Not a small list, yet today, we stand firmly planted on Puerto Rican soil ready to take on the task of creating an indoor Aquaponics Farm.

Our mission is to create jobs for Puerto Ricans: students, farmers, and other hard-working individuals. Our goal is to help turn the tide of reliance on food imports and traditional farming that is always exposed to the elements.

This island has so much to give and we would like to give back. You now have an opportunity to get involved!

Investing in Food Sovereignty

Fusion Farms is an SEC Registered Title III – Regulation Crowdfunding Campaign and is actively accepting investments. We are inviting investors from around the globe to come and invest directly with us in this adventure and obtain stock in our company to help us deliver Food Sovereignty to Puerto Rico.

We have a lot of work to do; thank you for your support of Fusion Farms and helping to make this dream a reality.

We don’t measure our day by the harvest we reap…                              but by the seeds of hope that we plant. 

For more information, email your request to Info@FusionFarmsPR.com