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Fusion Farms – Mayagüez is an indoor vertical farm offering a great business opportunity for investors who believe in the health and wellness value of locally-grown and locally-sold agricultural products. The plan is simple: healthy produce priced lower than the nutrient-void export option grown in a concrete, hurricane-protected building.  Our products deliver amazing nutrition, taste, and longer natural shelflife because they are chemical free. We believe Puerto Rico deserves the best.


Our goal is to provide a sustainable, scalable business model that will attract, educate, and assist Puerto Ricans who want to use the Fusion Farms design to create their own business opportunity on the island. In addition, we are committed to providing education to the general population relative to the science behind CEA products. Our community space will be open to schools, churches, tours, and researchers to learn how to farm in hurricane-protected spaces.


  • We are the first indoor vertical aquaponics farm in Puerto Rico.
  • We create jobs for Puerto Rico.
  • We work closely with the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez by providing internships to agriculture students.
  • Our 1969 concrete building has survived all tropical storms and hurricanes for almost 50 years – including Maria.
  • Our design is climate and hurricane protected.
  • We grow completely natural, chemical-free fish and produce.
  • We are 100% off-grid using solar and battery backup to keep the system running and sell back the energy to the power company keeping energy costs low.
  • Our indoor vertical racking system is equivalent to 2.5 acres of land.
  • Our design uses 1/10th of the water necessary for traditional farms.
  • We collect all the rainwater we need for the system and more.
  • Our design incorporates bio-security with a patented mesh to keep bugs, mold, and diseases out.
  • All of our staff is USDA and GMP certified.
  • Our community space provides a learning environment for all interested individuals including students, farmers, and researchers.
  • Our fish are farmed outdoors in a controlled environment.
  • Our data collection is superior to ensure we are able to monitor and regulate every aspect of the system.
  • We are uniquely positioned to scale up or down and can easily shift our produce selection based on demand.


Fusion Farms has taken every precaution to protect our investment and yours:

  • Qualified Opportunity Zone
  • Hurricane-protection in a concrete building
  • Energy autonomy using solar, battery and generators
  • Bio-secure netting to prevent pests and disease
  • Non-GMO practice to deliver nutritious produce without chemicals or genetic alterations
  • Flood protection – elevated building and fish tanks with high margin
  • University partnerships with University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, University of Arizona, Arizona State University and Santa Fe Community College in New Mexico
  • Providing Internships for agriculture students to employ and groom for Phase 2
  • Scalable for additional locations in multiple locations around the island
  • No import delays
  • Very few food miles from farm to table
  • Consistency through quality control and controlled environment
  • Providing jobs for Puerto Rico
  • Superior team to implement and grow a successful and profitable business model

Business Model and Investor Benefits      

When construction is complete, our facility will have the following production capacity:

Indoor System:

  • Vertical Rack Grow System (leafy green vegetables)
  • 144 Total Racks, five (5) shelves per rack
  • 80,640 Total Plant Capacity
  • Three (3) Initial Agricultural Products;
  • Basil (65 Racks with Capacity to produce 507,080 ounces per month)
  • Mint (65 Racks with Capacity to produce 672,657 ounces per month)
  • Microgreens (14 Racks with Capacity to produce 3,423 ounces per month)

Outdoor System:

  • Fish Tanks (eight (8) fish tanks under shade)
  • Each Tank is 4,000 gallons holding up to 750 Tilapia
  • 6,000 Total Fish Capacity
  • 800 to 1,000 Whole, Live Fish Capacity per month

Market Pricing:

  • Basil – current market retail price $1.23 per ounce (wholesale price $0.65 per ounce)
  • Mint – current retail price $1.25 per ounce (wholesale price $0.75 per ounce)
  • Microgreens – current retail price $3.75 per ounce (wholesale price $3.50 per ounce)
  • Fish – current retail price $2.00 per pound for whole, live Tilapia

Market Demand:

We have relationships with leading food distributors throughout Puerto Rico[i]*. We have substantiated market pricing (retail and wholesale), as well as market demand through these distributors who have confirmed the high market demand for our agricultural products from their customers.


Revenue Capacity Monthly
Basil $329,601.99
Mint $504,492.84
Microgreens $11,979.55
Tilapia $3,921.88
Sub-total Revenues $849,996.25
Cost of Goods Sold (34%) $288,998.73
Gross Monthly Profit (Loss) $560,997.53
Gross Monthly Margin (%) 66%
General & Administrative Expenses (15%) $127,499.44
EBITDA (Monthly) $433,498.09
Financial Expenses $2,083.33
Monthly Profit (Loss) Before Taxes $431,414.76
Tax (4%) $17,256.59
Net Profit (Loss) $414,158.17
% Monthly Net Profit/Sales 48%
Investors Return On Investment
Initial Investment  $107,000
Investor Percent Ownership 2.5% $​10,305.80


So, when we achieve production at our full capacity, we project we will be able to generate revenues and resulting profits that show an annual return of $397 for every $430 invested, approximately 92% annualized ROI.

[i] *Sources: 

For the right business-minded person who sees our vision, Fusion Farms is an attractive new agricultural company to investigate further.

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Thank you for your interest in Fusion Farms!