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We have had an amazing response to our business model since its inception including support from the Puerto Rican government, PRIDCO, FSA, USDA and most importantly, the residents of the island.

It’s simple: they are all tired of importing half-rotten, overpriced produce and want a solution…now.

We have been presented with some incredible incentives offered by government agencies which have given us a great start, but we still need your help!

There are urgent humanitarian needs of island residents, so developing and implementing a transformative recovery is based on the funding available to recover and rebuild, and to stimulate economic growth throughout the island. Fusion Farms is dedicated to addressing the most critical need – providing food.

If you feel led support our project, please click the link that best fits how you can get involved.

Thank you for your interest in Fusion Farms!



Please consider our offer to be a part of the solution and create food security for Puerto Rico! Thank you for your support.

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