Food Sovereignty

What Is Food Sovereignty?

Food Sovereignty is the right of communities to choose where and how their food is produced, as well as what food they consume.  The food sovereignty movement seeks to guarantee these basic rights for communities around the world and we are creating that option for Puerto Rico in hurricane-protected vertical aquaponic farms.  We are fighting against corporate control of agriculture and the food-dumping that happens to Puerto Rico.  We are encouraging family farmers and fisherman to lead the way to change the food system in Puerto Rico. Decades of inequitable farm and trade policy has devastated the fabric of family farm agriculture and rural communities in Puerto Rico.

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Investing in Food Sovereignty

Fusion Farms is an SEC Registered Title III – Regulation Crowdfunding Campaign and is actively accepting investments. We are inviting investors from around the globe to come and invest directly with us in this adventure and obtain stock in our company to help us deliver Food Sovereignty to Puerto Rico.

Here is a great video talking about Food Sovereignty Tours:

Food Sovereignty Tours from Food First on Vimeo.

Global Food Sovereignty Movement

Here are some links where you can learn more about the global Food Sovereignty movement:

Please consider our offer to be a part of the solution and create food security for Puerto Rico! Thank you for your support.

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