Board of Directors and Advisors

The Support Team

Our Board of Directors, Volunteer Advisory Board, Special Consultants and management team are veterans of the agricultural industry, including the following team members:

  • Dr. Renee Estevez, the University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez
  • Professor Luis R. Mejia-Maymi – Especialista Agricultural Economics and Coordinator of the Initiative Sustainable Agricultural Development in the SEA
  • Dr. Luis Perez Alegria – University of Puerto Rico -Mayagüez – Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  • Dr. Shane C. Burgess – College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
    Charles-Sander Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
    The University of Arizona
  • Charlie Shultz, Lead Faculty – Controlled Environment Agriculture, Santa Fe Community College
  • Pedro Casas – teaching a new design-and-build class at Santa Fe Community College in which students gain valuable hands-on experience building their own systems. Last year, when the devastating hurricane in Puerto Rico wiped out one of the aquaponics operations run by global leader Pedro Casas and his brother Jorge, Charlie Shultz saw the opportunity to help Casas and the college by encouraging him to teach at SFCC.
  • Jorge Casas – the brother of Pedro Casas who is rebuilding the family aquaponics business, Agroponicos Cosecha farm in Puerto Rico.
  • Dr. Mike McGee – owns and operates Caribe Fisheries Inc. a tropical aquaculture farm in Lajas, PR.

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