Agroponicas – Operational Farm Design Consultant

Operational Farm Design Consultant:


Fusion Farms has been working with Jorge Casas as a consultant to focus on the day-to-day operations of Fusion Farms.

On a hillside near Caguas, about 20 miles south of San Juan’s old town, Jorge Casas and his brother worked in two giant greenhouses, tending crops of organic mint, chives, rosemary and basil. The farm, Agroponicos Cosecha de PR, was remodeled in 2016. Jorge and his brother were successfully operating one of the largest CEA Greenhouse facilities in PR until it was destroyed by Hurricane Maria. Jorge understands what it takes to operate an aquaponics farm and will consult with Fusion Farms to help make the farm a success.

Jorge Casas

Jorge set up an expanding distribution network, to serve dozens of other farmers around the island and to help drive the food revolution. With the farming boom come more farm laborer’s, drivers and retail workers, and urban produce markets are opening up across Puerto Rico. O-Mrkt Restaurant (farm to table) opened in April 2016 in Caguas and another location recently opened in San Juan on Avenida Winston Churchill.