About Us

Who we are and what we do…

What is “Fusion Farms”?

Our solution is the “fusion” of hydroponic growing of agricultural products based around the implementation of a comprehensive eco-system consisting of a self-sustaining, renewable, organic Controlled Environment Aquaponics (“CEA”) model that has the following characteristics:

  • A design in which all elements are preserved – “re-use everything”
  • A design that uses clean waste-to-energy for sustainable, primary power and energy requirements
  • A design that is repeatable, scalable and capable of implementing automation for commercialization of the model
  • A design that uses green advanced construction materials for use in a wide range of regions and environments.
  • Use this model/prototype as the foundation for an international educational institution to inform and educate in physical and online distance learning solutions.

We have developed and are implementing advanced, sustainable methods of producing seafood and produce in a closed-loop indoor vertical farm creating a natural nutrient solution delivered through water. Our system has the ability to provide fresh, healthy, nutrient-rich produce year-round with harvests daily.

We appreciate your interest in Fusion Farms!

Please consider our offer to be a part of the solution and create food security for Puerto Rico! Thank you for your support.

Or, for more information, email your request to Info@FusionFarmsPR.com